The Echo & Echoplex!: FAQ about All Bands on Deck at Santa Monica Pier on March 30th!



(Just About) Everything You Need To Know About All Bands On Deck!:

Do I need a ticket or reservations? And what is the cost?

Yes. All Bands On Deck! is a ticketed event. The first 750 tickets sold will cost $10 (plus applicable fees). The next 750 tickets sold will cost $14( plus…

Can’t make it to Burgerama, but this is just as good! 

I intend to ride this bike until breaks, hopefully not before May/June.

Kinetics of Moshing

When physics graduate student Jesse Silverberg took his girlfriend to a heavy metal concert, he didn’t dive into the mosh pit as usual. He hung back and observed that humans act like particles, dancing into “collective motion” — from which models could provide insight into panicked crowds.

Silverberg quantified the motions of moshers with fellow student and metal fan Matt Bierbaum for a project in the advanced statistical mechanics class of James Sethna, Cornell professor of physics. They discovered that the moshers’ behavior, like flocks of birds or gas particles, can be predicted with simplified theoretical models.

Jurassic 5 confirmed for Coachella

What? They’re back? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA